Single Channel

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  • Ideal for targeted marketing efforts. Choose between Facebook or Google to focus your advertising on a specific audience.

  • Customised strategy for one platform, audience targeting, performance monitoring.Write your text here...

  • Expand your reach by combining two platforms. Options include Facebook & Google, Facebook/Instagram, Google/Youtube, and Facebook/Youtube.

  • Integrated strategies across two platforms, cross-channel analytics, enhanced audience engagement.

  • The ultimate advertising strategy encompasses all four channels: Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube.

  • Comprehensive market reach, cohesive brand experience across platforms, and advanced analytics for holistic understanding.

Choose from our Single Channel, Multi-Channel, or Omni-Channel Service Plans for focused and comprehensive digital marketing strategies.


  • Perfect for those who prefer a hands-on approach in managing their own ads. Our consulting service provides expert guidance and insights, empowering you to effectively run your advertising campaigns on various platforms.

  • Personalized training sessions, strategy development assistance, ongoing support for campaign optimization, access to industry insights and best practices.

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